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Covering all sizes of retail, from small to large, helping businesses excel from good to great

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    Digital Retail

    Helping retail businesses enhance efciency, leading enterprises to the forefront of the industry

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    Smart Logistics

    Provide comprehensive logistics and warehousing solutions to achieve refined and intelligent management

Digital Intelligence Empowers Steady Growth in Business Enterprises Trusted and

Trusted and Chosen by Over 1000 Global Companies

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Established nearly 30 years ago, we have helped over 1000 commercial enterprises optimize their workfows, using experience and technology to embed advanced management ideas into IT systems Helping customers to more easily undergo digital transformation, improve operational efciency, enhance the ability to respond to rapid market changes, and boost corporate core competitiveness

  • 30YEARS

    Deeply cultivating the feld of business digitalization

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    Services for end retail stores

  • 80+

    Digital services cover countries and regions

Explore the Infnite Possibilities of Digital Growth

Providing You with Professional and Comprehensive Digital Products and Services

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  • 1000+ Well-known Enterprises Choose HEADING 
  • 10000+ Stores are Using HEADING Products
  • 30+ Years of Industry Accumulation
  • 7*24h Exclusive Service

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