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HEADING Supply Chain Relationship Management System (HDSRM)

HEADING Supply Chain Relationship Management System (HDSRM) is a new generation supplier service system centered on 'connecting and empowering the supply chain'. It enhances the business linkage between suppliers and enterprises, strengthens procurement supply capabilities and order delivery capabilities, and provides services such as online contract signing, online financial reconciliation, and online invoice verification, aiming to build an efficient supplier collaboration platform for retail businesses.

Core Features

  • Supplier Data Collaboration

    Focusing on the entire lifecycle management of suppliers.

  • Product Data Collaboration

    Submit new products; Manage inventory information;Enterprises determine online pricing.

  • Contract Management

    Online contract design, signature, management, and integration with ERP/OA for streamlined approval processes.

  • Procurement Management

    Supports procurement, return, and delivery coordination, with online shipment confirmations, logistics tracking, and returns processing.

  • Settlement Coordination

    Online account reconciliation, settlement, invoice management with suppliers, and synchronization of payment progress. 

  • Data Empowerment

    Supports cross-system data capture, customized visual reporting, and facilitates procurement decision-making for improved operational efficiency.


Product Innovation and Advantages/Feature Highlights

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    Empowering a stable supply

    Providing a comprehensive assessment mechanism, selecting better suppliers.

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    Introducing brand new products

    By using the new product reporting feature, explore more high-quality goods resources.

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    Seeking high-quality cooperation

    Through product inquiry, price comparison, and negotiation, find more valuable supplier cooperation.

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    Providing efficient collaboration

    Offering online contracting, online order tracking, online reconciliation, and other collaborative services to reduce corporate costs.

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    Multi-business integration

    Providing an open interface platform, supporting integration with existing corporate systems.

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    Convenient application

    Available for purchase as needed, while supporting private customization deployment.

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