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HEADING Retail Enterprise Customer Consumption and Loyalty Management Software

HEADING CRM centers on consumers, proposing the SCRM theory of 'CDP (Data Driven) + CEP (Continuous Interaction)', empowering digital transformation for enterprises. It enhances operational efficiency in the existing market and explores new markets through omnichannel customer acquisition, private domain traffic operations, and the creation of a sales loop.

Core Features

  • Membership Management

    Unified member identification across the network, and multi-end reach and exposure.

  • Level System

    Free levels, paid levels, and special levels, a variety of level mechanisms meet the needs of different customers. 

  • Multi-Organization Management

    Supports corporate clients or clients with multiple brands, centralized deployment.

  • Precision Marketing

    Precision Marketing;Increasing the LTV (Lifetime Value) of Members.


Product Innovation and Advantages/Features Highlights

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    Supports multiple business formats

    Successful cases in various industries including convenience stores, supermarkets, fresh food, flash sales, fast fashion, maternity and etc.

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    Supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple tax systems management.

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    Middle Platform Transformation

    Middle platform architecture, extracting shared business capabilities for reuse, supporting omnichannel members.

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    Flexible Permission Settings

    Supports configuring permissions based on account roles.

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Proven Solutions

  • 1000+ Well-known Enterprises Choose HEADING 
  • 10000+ Stores are Using HEADING Products
  • 30+ Years of Industry Accumulation
  • 7*24h Exclusive Service

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