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Heading wonderful debut 2024 China convenience store conference, number of intelligent program to lead the new trend of the industry

  • Release Date 2024-05-17
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    May 15-17, 2024 China convenience store conference was held in Hangzhou, the conference to "accelerate the development of convenience store new quality productivity" as the theme, focusing on the cultivation and development of new quality productivity. As a partner to accompany many excellent convenience enterprises all the way up, Heading was invited to attend the meeting, in various forms such as "home speech + live experience + innovation case", for everyone to show the cutting-edge products and programs, share the depth of insights of Heading on industry development.

    HeadingCEO and general manager Jiang Zuoliang speech in the main venue


    Jiang Zuoliang, CEO and general manager of Heading.com, delivered a speech on the theme of "Pursuing extreme efficiency, Lighting up convenient life with number intelligence" at the main venue. He had a deep insight into the core of "new quality productivity", believing that it significantly improves business efficiency through two aspects of subversive innovation-driven and data-driven economic operation. Heading's products always adhere to the concept of "make business more efficient", in recent years of development, the core idea is closely around the following three aspects: from information to digital; From tool thinking to operational thinking; From data-led business tools to intelligent decision making.

    He stressed that in order to operate more effectively, enterprises need to accurately locate the current focus of development, with points and areas, to achieve overall optimization. He in-depth analysis of the key indicators of return on equity, combined with the leading products of Heading, such as category management, odd-job collaboration platform, through code payment, multi-scene cash register, AI weighing, intelligent inspection, cloud fund solutions, cycle purchase, intelligent replenishment, unattended and advance payment, etc., showed in detail how to focus on a key link, To achieve an effective reduction in cost and a substantial increase in efficiency. Finally, Jiang pointed out that convenience store enterprises should deepen the basic ability, excellence, Heading will also uphold the original intention, spare no effort to promote convenience store enterprises to temper the internal strength, jointly cast a new height of the industry.


    Heading production research center product department deputy manager Gong Haiwei accepted an interview


    During the exhibition, Gong Haiwei, deputy manager of the product department of Heading Production and Research Center, was interviewed by the organizer. In view of the hot spots in the past two years, he introduced the application of AI in the field of convenience stores, such as the integration of intelligent replenishment system, visual identification and intelligent cash register deepening, camera and AI monitoring upgrade, personalized member marketing.

    With the deepening of lean management in the convenience store industry, Heading has also explored many landing scenes with convenience store partners. General Palace combined with the development of the industry for everyone to explain the Heading cloud capital, intelligent replenishment, digital guidance management, member precision marketing, convenience store catering, unattended, internationalization and other programs how to help convenience stores to improve operating efficiency and management level. He said that Heading will also continue to increase investment in the number of intelligent technology, continue to promote the innovation and development of the convenience store industry.

    Heading booth multi-scheme display


    In order to better communicate with the attendees, Heading has set up a special exhibition area to fully showcase its latest convenience store digital intelligent solutions. Among them, Heading hot food production solution through the introduction of big data analysis and prediction, to achieve the convenience store hot food accurate, efficient production and sales, to meet consumer demand for fresh, delicious hot food, but also reduce the loss of fresh food goods, improve the intelligent level of store fresh food management. Heading intelligent store operation platform through process optimization, data analysis and intelligent decision-making, to help convenience stores achieve more efficient store management, improve operational efficiency. In addition, Heading also launched a local coupon group purchase platform, to provide merchants with the ability to drain customers through multiple channels, to provide consumers with more concessions and convenience.

    Awarded the 10th Anniversary Trophy


    It is worth mentioning that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Convenience Store conference, and Heading won the 10th Anniversary Award from the organizers as a long-term participant and witness. This award is not only the recognition of Heading and China's convenience store industry, common growth, but also the recognition of Heading's outstanding contribution in the convenience store industry.

    Heading hand in hand with friends, Kaihui, successfully create a double innovation case


    In addition, "Heading smart store operation platform enables friends to improve operational efficiency" and "Heading hand in hand Kaihui fresh food production intelligent management and then upgrade" two cases with excellent results and forward-looking ideas, successful selection of innovative cases. These two cases fully demonstrate the advantages and capabilities of Heading in the number of intelligent technology landing, but also for the convenience store industry in the next stage of innovation and development provides a reference.


    With the continuous development of digitalization and intelligent technology, the convenience store industry is ushering in new changes and opportunities. Heading, as a leading enterprise in the industry, will continue to uphold the concept of "making business more efficient", continue to innovate and forge ahead, and contribute more to the prosperity and development of the convenience industry.

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