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Heading and Miniso innovation cooperation reached a new peak

  • Release Date 2024-05-11
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    The deep cooperation and innovation integration between enterprises is an important driving force to promote the development of the industry. Since 2023, with the extensive implementation of Miniso's globalization strategy, the complexity and difficulty of business have been increasing. As a digital partner who has been accompanied by Miniso, Heading and Miniso have adopted a forward-looking strategic vision and an open and win-win cooperation attitude. Jointly opened the "Business in Taiwan Co-construction" project, through the integration of resources, technology sharing and deep co-creation of the two sides, to comprehensively help the rapid development of Miniso.

    After more than half a year of joint efforts and in-depth cooperation, the "Business in Taiwan co-construction" project has achieved remarkable stage results. Recently, the project team was delighted to win the first quarter "Team Benchmark Award" issued by Mingchuang Digital Technology Center.

    As a benchmark for Chinese retail enterprises going overseas, Miniso currently has more than 6,400 stores around the world. With the rapid expansion of its business and the increase in the number of stores, it needs a centralized and efficient management platform to support its daily operations and business development. Heading and Miniso team have a tacit understanding of cooperation for many years. The joint construction of the business in Middle Taiwan is also a further upgrade on the basis of the original cooperation, aiming to unify Middle Taiwan through joint construction and enable the vigorous development of the multi-brand and multi-format business of Miniso. The two parties strive to achieve resource integration and cost reduction within three years by reducing duplication, optimizing resource allocation, integrating research and development forces, and establishing their own intellectual property system. Jointly build an order center, a data center and an inventory center to support the rapid growth of the business and improve efficiency.

    After the launch of the project, Heading's small partners in various positions of product, research and development, testing and other positions collectively stayed in the field, went deep into the business department, dug into the actual needs and pain points, deeply understood the business logic and scene, communicated in real time and responded quickly. Even in the face of different business ecology, project management and technical framework, the teams of both sides were still closely coordinated, brave in innovation, and successfully crossed many obstacles. Work together to create a fusion product that meets the expectations of both sides and does not damage the smooth operation of the existing business, demonstrating a model of excellent cooperation and smart innovation.

    Globalization strategy has been the focus of Miniso's efforts in recent years. By building a flexible and scalable business management platform, Miniso can more quickly respond to the diversified needs of global consumers, improve operational efficiency, enhance market competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation for future development. Heading has accumulated rich experience in the process of accompanying outstanding retail enterprises such as Miniso to the sea. Through years of in-depth research and insight into overseas markets, Heading can help retail enterprises easily cope with different cultural, legal and market environments overseas and reduce business risks. In the face of complex retail scenarios such as multi-language, multi-tax system and multi-currency, Heading has created mature global retail solutions, and continues to empower from technical consulting, training, after-sales support, etc., to ensure the long-term and stable development of enterprises in overseas markets.

    Winning this honor not only marks an important progress in the three-year in-depth cooperation between Heading and Minho, but also indicates that the cooperation between the two parties will continue to deepen in the future, and jointly explore more innovative models and business opportunities. The project is also a benchmark for co-construction projects between Heading and customers, and provides guidance for the upgrading and optimization of the subsequent special service model. Looking forward to establishing a closer strategic cooperative relationship with more customers in the future, seeking common development and creating brilliant future together.

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